Products & Pricing

A flexible solution with business-friendly pricing.

Risk Verification Database is available in four editions – Lite, Basic, Advantage and Plus. Lite offers access to a cross-institutional view of a consumer’s banking activity. Basic is designed for merchants and processors handling lower-risk transactions or transactions with a higher proportion of repeat customers. RVD Advantage adds an account validation system to our Basic option. RVD Plus brings more data to the verification process and is designed for companies working in higher-risk scenarios.

All RVD variants offer tiered pricing based on usage.


Customize the verification rules to match your risk tolerance.

No two companies are the same. Depending on the business you’re in you will have a unique risk profile. With RVD Lite, Basic, Advantage and Plus we can work with you to customize parameters to meet your needs. Some rule settings include:

  • Setting maximum dollar amount per transaction, ACH and check debit values.
  • Limiting both the number and dollar amount of transactions allowed per day, week or month.
  • Setting different thresholds for new accounts, known accounts, or for customers and businesses that have high frequency transactions without unpaid returns.