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your way.

Choose the right format for you.

RVD is available as a SOAP API for software applications, as a batch process through secure FTP, and via a web-based portal for smaller merchants doing singular transactions.

Write your own rules.

The RVD application can also be refined to reflect your particular risk tolerance. Working with your assigned RVD representative, we can help you configure RVD to ensure your business is more profitable.

Add-on modules to meet your needs.

Federal regulations require some industries to perform an OFAC check before processing money movement. rVd offers an add-on model that will add OFAC screening to rVd within one transaction to us. Other options feature an eCheck add-on that allows you to enhance your depository system by moving from ACH to eChecks.

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Right-sized for your needs.

RVD is available in four editions with tiered pricing.

RVD Basic RVD Advantage RVD PLUS+
Validates bank routing number
Checks database for returned and good history on account
Returns known history, name, telephone information
Provides Decision Code on all transactions
Provides Optional OFAC checking
Validates that the structure of the account is correct for the issuing bank
Provides Risk Level code on all transactions
Accesses additional financial and retail databases

Looking to access a cross-institutional view of a consumer’s banking activity? Try RVDLite

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Rock solid security for you, your business and your customers.

pci 3.0
FCRA Compliant

RVD was built by MicroBilt, a leader in the risk management and data-services industry for over 40 years. MicroBilt uses banking quality data encryption, meeting the industry’s most stringent data security requirements as well as current FCRA compliance standards.

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Validates bank routing number
Provides Optional OFAC checking
Validates that the structure of the account is correct for the issuing bank
Provides new routing number if the original has changed
Provides name, address, telephone number, and contact information for the financial institution
Identifies the account type (checking, savings, money market etc.) if known
Indicates if the bank routing number will accept ACH debit transactions
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